To whom it may concern, do you actually know

what your water is going through when it is used for production?

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Rainwater in itself is considered to be quite pure. However, as soon as it falls to the earth, its modification begins.

No matter whether it comes from your own well or from the local waterworks, finally it arrives at your company.

Without an appropriate conditioning this water cannot be reused without endangering your production process.

In the production cycle it is then used n the form of steam as cooling water for cleaning or as process water and becomes polluted severely.


Limescales and biological deposits reduce the performance of your machines and raise the energy requirement accordingly. Further pollutants cause corrosion and can lead to expensive defects.

This is where aqua-Technik comes into play. We ensure that your water is cleaned from general dirt…

In the soil it can absorb minerals, metals and also pollutants.

…and even the last pollutants are removed, so that your water becomes absolutely pure.

With aqua-Technik polluted water becomes a thing of the past.

We improve. Water.

Welcome to aqua-Technik

Your competent partner for resource saving, sustainable and efficient water treatment in the industrial sector.

Clean water for a “flowing production”


Nowadays it is nearly impossible for a manufacturing company to maintain a smooth production without clean water. But the demands in terms of the water quality are always different, simply because production methods are different. This is why we work closely together with our team and network of specialists and develop individual solutions which comply solely with the requirements of our clients –from small businesses to large global enterprises. In over 15 years of experience we were able to expand our core competencies continuously so that today we support our well-known clients competently and reliably throughout Europe.

Soild counseling results in sustainable success


In order to find the optimal solution we put great emphasis on careful consultation and a close relationship with our clients. Once we know your production processes and properties of your water, we create your individual comprehensive approach to improve the water treatment –both technically and chemically. We install the appropriate plants, supply the necessary conditioning agents and take care of the service and regular maintenance of the plants. Our closed 360°-Approach aims for constant optimisation of our processes and procedures so that the market realizes us exactly the way our slogan claims:


aqua-Technik. We improve. Water.

CEOs Axel & Alexander Kowalewski

aqua-Technik Beratungs GmbH




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Conditioning agents

Plant construction

The water circuit: Our inspiring example.


Since our clients come from a wide variety of industries, we are constantly faced with new challenges which are as individual as our clients themselves. Through close collaboration we want to ascertain your companies’ needs together with you and develop a holistic concept. Our 4 elements Consulting, Plant Construction, Conditioning Agents, and Maintenance shall thereby overlap and evolve through continuous optimisation and adjustment, our so called 360°-Approach.



Our clients are small, medium-sized companies and international corporations.

All our clients were able to generate additional values through process optimisation in their water treatment.

A few of them you will find here:

360° and it still continues.


Water circuits and companies have one thing in common: they are always in motion. Production processes, internal processes and legal guidelines change and create new challenges that have to be met. We would like to contribute to this by regular presence on site and ongoing dialog in order to further develop ideas and optimise processes together with you. This is where our service flowingly merges with our consulting and keeps our 360°-Approach continuously flowing.



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